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Confident Conversations With Bestselling Speaker, Author, Coach and Mentor - Yvonne E.L. Silver

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Yvonne teaches women to Flourish in business, by helping elevate confidence through powerful language.

"I help 6-figure visionary women - leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs - master their confidence and find their authentic voice, so they can ask for what they want, make more sales and grow their team - for a sustainable business that is fun and successful."

Most often she supports female visionaries who are founding or leading women’s organizations, by speaking, chairing group Mentorship programs, plus 1:1 and group coaching to help new leaders evolve their authentic style.

The "Power-Hire Process" has evolved over hiring 6,000 people, providing wisdom templates for your first hire to be a successful one, as you build out your team. (Click the image to learn more, some templates are complimentary...)

A Speaker, Coach, Mentorship Chair and Bestselling Author, her new book “Words, Women and Wisdom: The Modern Art of Confident Conversations” is out now on Amazon.  Her Words, Women and Wisdom Show (on BBS Radio) both help and inspire women for more confident living.

Trained in Emotional Intelligence and Coaching, she is a sought after Speaker, Mentorship Chair and Expert Panelist, sharing insights gathered over her 25+ year career, and gathered while interviewing and researching for her bestselling book: "Words, Women & Wisdom: The Modern Art of Confident Conversations". 

Yvonne was humbled by being recognized with a Women of Inspiration Award - for Mentorship in 2018.

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