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"Yvonne brings a great deal of wisdom to clients of high growth businesses to really align their personal values and their leadership to build community and engage their staff in purposeful work. I simply love her energy and the creativity she brings to the conversation - she simply opens others up to a more meaningful and expansive dialogue. A consummate professional who really walks her talk. If you get the chance to work with Yvonne, do it - you won’t be disappointed!"
- Jayne Warrilow, Founder & Executive C-Level Coach, JW International
"I wanted you to know that YOU were the one who really helped me embrace my focus on educators. That has been a pivotal moment for me..."  
Marceta Reilly, PhD, PCC- Reilly & Associates, 
Co-Author "Coaching Conversations"
You’ve helped me to be grounded, find my strengths, reconnect my heart to my voice, and have the confidence to speak my truth, and release the past to find joy in the present. While I may still be a “work in progress”, this journey is a lot brighter because of you.  You are amazing!
Sharon Irvine - HR Professional &
VP - BPW Calgary

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"The effort that you put into touching women’s lives and those around you is effervescent and its this energy that inspires me to rise above and drive forward, toward my dreams. I am very grateful that I have had the pleasure of getting your sparks of wisdom. I always find those sparks keep my purpose ignited!
- Michelle (Program Protege)