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Confident Conversations With Bestselling Speaker, Author, Coach and Mentor - Yvonne E.L. Silver


How BOLD Women
Lead Confidently

Tues. May 12th, 2020 (am)
Calgary Petroleum Club

​​Breakfast Event: 7:30-10:30am
The Calgary Petroleum Club

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Engage in a morning session (with breakfast)
showcasing ideas and research (plus discussion)
to learn how progressive women leaders and organizations empower their team to elevate their bottom line, with women in leadership roles.

Takeaways include:

- Confident Conversations: Elevating your Leadership Language
- The 10 ways women demonstrate strong leadership competence
(hint: Inspires & Motivates Others is just one skill women use more effectively than men)
- 3 Modern tactics for Leading with Confidence (& elevating employee engagement - increasing sales & reducing turnover).

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STEP INTO YOUR POWER!  "Wisdom Circles"  -
bringing together Yvonne's unique expertise in helping elevate womens confidence, to help you flourish in business, using a unique approach, over a 9-month timeline - to tailor and solidify your success.

Tailoring your individual needs, while leveraging the wisdom drawn out through powerful questions, collborative conversation, real-life examples & experiences combined with professional Coaching expertise.

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For each copy purchased, one will be donated to a women’s shelter,

not-for-profit or foundation, honoring a Buy One, Give One
— B1G1 social enterprise model.

Order a copy for important women in your life, (daughter, wife, mother, niece,  best friend, assistant, boss, who you would like to inspire and elevate!      
                                           Makes a great gift!

       Order via Amazon at: https://amzn.to/2PnbxLJ

Get to know Yvonne . . .
Yvonne teaches women to Flourish in business, by elevating their confidence for for confident conversations.

"I help 6-figure visionary women - leaders, professionals and entrepreneurs - master their confidence and find their authentic voice, so they can ask for what they want, make more sales and grow their team - for a sustainable business that is fun and successful."

She does this by supporting female visionaries who are founding or leading women’s organizations, by speaking, chairing group Mentorship programs, plus 1:1 and group coaching. 
A Speaker, Coach, Mentorship Chair and Bestselling Author, her new book “Words, Women and Wisdom: The Modern Art of Confident Conversations” is out now on Amazon.  Her Words, Women and Wisdom Show (on BBS Radio) both help and inspire women for more confident living.

Recent LinkedIn Articles:
NEGOTIATE - How professional women can earn another $500K – yes really!

Learn more about Yvonne's son Alex and his Amazing Art, being sold to raise money for Operation Smile surgeries, go to:


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